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Showing posts from February 17, 2010

Lightweight Javascript and CSS compressor / minifier written in PHP

People who know me well are aware that I have an obsession for minimalism and code elegance. It seems like there are only a few Javascript and CSS compressors available on the Web. A handful of code is written in PHP. And even less - "original" code that isn't a port of JSMin, YUI compressor or Dean Edwards' Packer. So I decided to publish my code, which is really a fragment and an integral part of the PHP Fat-Free Framework and it follows the same GPL3 license.

The basic feature that Javascript and CSS compressors have in common is the ability to strip whitespaces and comments off your files, thus reducing the file size and subsequently using less server bandwidth.

So here's the PHP code:-

function minify($_src) { // Buffer output ob_start(); $_time=microtime(TRUE); $_ptr=0; while ($_ptr<=strlen($_src)) { if ($_src[$_ptr]=='/') { // Let's presume it's a regex pattern $_regex=TRUE; if ($_ptr>0) { // Backtrack and validate …