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Showing posts from November 14, 2009

PHP Fat-Free Framework - Less Hype, More Meat

Too often we see code hyped up as "frameworks". But when it comes to applying them to real-world situations, they fall short and sloppy or at the other end of the scale - are huge beasts that behave like control freaks - which make them unusable or hostile to average programmers.

Some are touted as frameworks yet they act simply as front-end controllers which do nothing more than route URLs to classes, functions or include files. They make programming a bit easier, but lacking in many MVC aspects. Some require a fixed directory structure - an open invitation to hackers. Other procedural frameworks use method chaining (which can be quite long), you'd wonder at times what the right sequence should be. Some are just too bloated with so many features than you'll ever need to use in simple blog or wiki applications.

Most frameworks brag about being "lightweight" - which seems to be a relative term. Does a 50MByte framework that consumes a lot of resou…